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    Programs will challenge your perceptions and abilities and push you to reach a higher self.

    Skill Recognition

    Recognition of your work and life experiences

    Did you know you can achieve 100% credit in Australian qualifications by having the skills and knowledge you have already attained through work or life experiences recognised? Be guided through professional competency conversations over 6 days as you work from our Ubud, Bali 'office' and leave with a recognised qualification.



    25 February - 4 March 2018 (Small Business CIV) BALI

    4 March - 11 March 2018 (Diploma Leadership) BALI




    Language & Leadership Immersion

    Language + Leadership + Innovation + Sustainability

    Expand your leadership skills as you immerse yourself over 12 days in the themes of language, sustainability and innovation and participate in meaningful community skill sharing and learning exchange activities to support local projects. This expanded program includes 20 hours of Bahasa Indonesia language training (Beginner level). Grant funding available!



    7 January - 19 January 2018 BALI

    PROGRAM IS NOW FULL. Contact us to be wait-listed for future programs.




    Leadership Immersion

    Leadership + Innovation + Community

    Enrich your learning journey by leaving the classroom behind, gaining an international perspective, and experiencing a foreign culture. Spend 8 days with our partners engaged in a range of learning activities in Bali Indonesia that focus on leadership, innovation, wellness, social enterprise and sustainability.



    1 - 9 April 2018 BALI

    13 - 23 May 2018 BALI




    Women in Leadership Retreat

    Wellness + Leadership + Entrepreneurship + Change

    Presented by Linley Cornish, our Women in Leadership retreat facilitates self-discovery and personal development; and provides a support process to nurture and advocate for the development of your business.






  • Your Day

    Whether you are in our villa in Ubud, at the Green School Student Village, or in a homestay, the day in Bali follows the rhythm of the local villagers. Wake up early in your tropical paradise and use the morning hour before breakfast to participate in a yoga class or undertake some mindful reflection and planning for the day ahead. Your program schedule may have you engaged in a local project or site visit, wrestling in the mud, meeting with local leaders and entrepreneurs or participating in skills development. Late afternoon will give you a chance to reflect, take a quick swim in the river, or have a cocktail by the pool before we head out to dinner. Make sure you find some time for a wellness massage session too!


    Managing your health is a key component of being an effective human being and a successful leader, and enjoying the local foods is an important part of understanding a culture. Our focus is on healthy and fresh local flavours, farm to table experiences, mindful eating, community sharing meals such as Megibung, and meals at local social enterprises where your meal buys a medical checkup for a local person. And some nights you might just want the villa staff to whip up some nasi goreng for you.

    Cultural Activities

    As our society becomes more culturally diverse, organisations are understanding the need to work with others and collaborate, to explore different world views, and perhaps to face the realities of cultural diversity. We have much we can learn from each other and Indonesia presents wonderful opportunities to learn more about sustainability, social enterprise, building communities, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Our daily activities are mapped to learning outcomes and provide enriching and rewarding learning opportunities.


    Engaging with the local community helps to build global and cultural competencies as we seek to communicate within and across cultures, to function in multiple and diverse environments, and to adapt to the continuously changing global society through an attitude of awareness, consciousness, and respect. It helps to learn a few words of Bahasa Indonesia, to engage in some of the local Hindu customs, and to engage in giving and capacity building projects is especially rewarding.

    Your Villa Accommodation

    Villa Jiwa Sari is located in Banjar Juga, in Mas Village about 5 minutes south of Ubud. Located on the banks of a river with the village holy spring (cebluk), we have a special responsibility to nurture the energy in the surrounding property. Rooms are spacious twin shares with double bathrooms, the central joglo provides the kitchen and working space, and the pool and deck is there for relaxation.

  • Experiential Learning is central to our programs

    Experiential learning is exactly what you expect it would be...learning that supports students in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or situations. Learning is incredibly powerful when students are given opportunities to learn through experiences such as internships, field placements, study tours, and research and service-learning projects. By engaging in formal, guided, authentic, real-world experiences, individuals:

    • have concrete experiences that enable them to deepen their knowledge;
    • develop skills through practice and reflection;
    • synthesise their observations and reflections into a new conceptual understanding; and
    • use skills to guide new and purposeful experiences.
  • What's included

    • Up to 8 nights accommodation (twin share) including breakfast
    • Some meals
    • Educational itinerary with multi lingual project leaders with each of our partners
    • Certification / Assessment where nominated

    What's not included

    • Yoga classes
    • Cultural activities and excursions
    • Airport Transfers
    • Optional wellness or massage sessions
    • Some meals
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