• This year we are in Bali, Indonesia!

  • Indonesia

    With an estimated population approaching 250 million, a swelling consuming class of around 45 million people and exceeding one trillion dollars, Indonesia’s economic potential is significant. Indonesia, already the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is projected to be the world’s seventh largest economy by 2030. Over the past ten years, Indonesia’s GDP growth has averaged over 5.8 per cent a year, well above growth in the previous decade (Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, October 2016).


    Indonesia is a melting pot of contrasts, culture and diversity, with hundreds of distinct ethnic groups, languages and cultures. Step away from the tourist hotspots and you will find a rich and diverse culture across the world’s largest archipelago of over 17,000 islands, spanning more than 5000km. Over 8000 are inhabited and there are over 300 ethnic groups speaking more than 700 dialects of the language: Bahasa Indonesia.


    Renowned as the Island of the Gods, or the Land of a thousand temples (we guarantee there are more!), Bali gives a magical backdrop to our learning. Stunning vista’s including ricefields, jungles, mountain rivers and volcanoes complement the special emphasis on the spiritually healing aspects of Balinese Hindu culture.


    We base ourselves in Ubud, considered in many ways Bali's cultural heart. Located in the cool mountains, just one hour's drive north of the airport and the resorts of southern Bali, this traditional country town is home of one of Bali's royal families. Ubud is a flourishing crafts centre, a home for yogis, meditation, and retreats. Coworking spaces in Ubud are a hub for for thought leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs. We have some of the most successful co-working spaces in Asia.


    Social enterprise and community projects across the island inspire us and show what we can do for others with nothing more than a desire to do good. World renowned sustainability projects such as the Ibuku Bambook Factory and Village, the Internationally renowned Green School Campus and more, provide opportunities to inspire us to be innovative and connect with the world around us.


    But come and see for yourself – be assured that you will leave Indah Bali with a totally different perception of what one of our closest island neighbours has to offer.

    Villa Jiwa Sari

    Villa Jiwa Sari is located in Mas Village, approximately 5 minutes south of Ubud. The name "Jiwa Sari" means "essence of the soul". We overlook a flowing river and the 'Cebluk', a holy spring where the villagers still come for religious reasons and to source some of the purest spring water. We have a special responsibility given to us to maintain the energy of our environment given the location.


    Set on 36 are, we are surrounded by village compounds so you get a true sense of life in the villages of Bali. We tend to follow the villagers daily rhythms of rising early, and the prayers from the surrounding temples remind us that we are immersed in the Hindu culture.


    Four buildings are on the property. The central area is an open air Joglo with communal kitchen and double bedroom.  It also serves as our 'wantilan' or meeting place for coursework. An additional two x two bedroom villa's provide 4 twin rooms (each with a queen and a single bed, or triple share). Staff quarters are used by program facilitators.  The pool is 14 metres, and there is plenty of space for evening cocktails on the deck.

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