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  • In addition to lifelong learning, we passionately believe in ethical travel, culture, the world as a classroom, social enterprise and sustainable communities; stepping out of your comfort zone and experiential learning adventures.


    Travel is transformative by nature. Our programs will challenge your perceptions and abilities, take you outside of your comfort zone, and push you to reach a higher self. Transformational travel is an embrace of this ethos. It’s about accepting the call of adventure, traveling with intention, and allowing the unknown to drive personal or professional growth.


    We both moved to South East Asia initially for similar reasons, in part to ‘escape’ the corporate world, but mostly to find a work/life balance that so many of us spend our lives searching for. We spend most of our year in Bali, planning and delivering learning adventures, scouting new locations, and living our dream of creating transformational learning experiences for others.


    If you need the credible corporate 'about us'… we own an award winning Registered Training Organisation in Australia (Learning Options RTO #88174) and have delivered qualifications to thousands of students through hundreds of thousands of hours of training over the last 15 years. But we prefer to talk more about the 100 students who have been with us on Bali adventures in the last 15 months because their messages to us continue to inspire us, and give us passion and purpose.


    Karen & Fabrice

    Co-Founders, Roam Consulting

  • “Finding hope and humanity, like-minded people who have taken on the challenge of changing world views, and are making an impact, it just overwhelmed me with love and belonging.”

    "A truly immersive experience that offered significant rewards."

    "My life has been changed by the trip to Bali, I am a stronger person."

    "Overcoming challenges constantly and living outside my comfort zone.Being saturated in a completely different culture and experiencing the life of Bali people."

    “Inspiring each other in the small things can have a massive impact.”

    "I have been so inspired and changed by the experience."

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